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Welcome to Reliable Data Systems e-learning instructional design and technical writing services.

Our e-learning instructional design services encompass:

  • Customised Content Development - We work with you to develop customised e-learning content using our rapid prototyping method, embracing good information and instructional design principles.

  • End-user Empowerment - If you want to develop your own content, we will help you by providing:

            a. Instructional design training, mentoring and quality checking
            b. Authoring tools
            c. Graphics design and development services

technical writing services include top quality designing and writing:
User Guides, for example:
                        Training Guides
                        Installation Guides
                        Quick Reference Guides
                        System Administration Guides
                        Windows and HTML online help systems
Manuals, for example:
                        Methods and Procedures Manuals

                        Policy and Procedures Manuals

Technical Documentation, for example:
                        Systems Documentation
                        Engineering Requirements

                        Product Catalogs
                        Promotional Literature, Reports &                                                                  Presentations (Multimedia included)
/ Process Engineering Documentation
                        Other forms of technical documents.

We also provide consultancy and training to help you with your own documentation efforts.

About Reliable Data Systems

We have certified Instructional Designers on board, and the depth of our resources span many man-years and our project experience extends beyond 1000 hours of courseware developed for military, government and commercial agencies.

Our team of technical writers similarly has many years experience in technical writing and editing spread across wide areas of industry and commerce. All writers have sound technical backgrounds, wide experience with hardware and software systems and proven communications skills.

This combination of experience and expertise results in quality instructional design and documentation services at unbeatable prices.
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